Social Media Manager, Photographer, Writer & Journalist

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I am a person with many talents and a great many interests. I write and take photos and I simply try to make things that I can be proud of.


Social Media Management

Through original content and creative problem solving, I am a social media marketer I provide community and following growth and advertising social media advertising services.

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Journalist & Writer

I writ things, Some are true stories about how odd and strange and terrifying this world can be and others are outright lies about how amazing and fantastical it can be and vise versa.

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Photographer & Videographer

I take photos and video that I think are really good. I hope you agree when you see them. I like freezing a moment in time and preserving it so the chaos of remembering something doesn’t sully it with it’s inaccuracy and ability to only recall the last time you recalled it.

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Custom Content

I try to produce content that is not only original but entirely catered to your business and it’s unique needs.


Let’s make something amazing and memorable together. Let’s learn and grow together. Let’s make art that says something loud and honest together.

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My Art

I try to continuously produce new and compelling art. using all of the tools at my disposal. Which basically comes down to my word processor to write or my camera and various editing programs. Le't’s see what else I can find to play with.